Steven Georgiou

“He has cat-like eyes,” said an old girlfriend.

“Wanna come up to my room and listen to music? Cat Stevens, maybe? He’s deep.”

A very popular line on college campuses, circa the 1970’s, secondary only to asking to listen to Bread, the Cat Stevens reference was oft used as hopeful entree to bong hits and coital endeavors. Long before “no fly lists” and fatwas (actually, fatwas are probably ancient but stay with me here), Cat Stevens, aka, Yusuf Islam was a hugely popular British singer/songwriter. One can make the case that “Tea For The Tillerman” is one of those desert island picks. Jumping over the controversies and misquotes, he was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2014 and he sounded great!

fullsizeoutput_1118Yusuf recently

Author: plutvak

Finally putting those thoughts down that had people scrunching their faces or quietly sneaking away but nonetheless made me laugh. So scrunch, sneak, laugh, enjoy.

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