No Need To Panic, Okkk?

Upper West Side too liberal?

On a beautiful, sun-drenched Sunday on Manhattans’s Upper West Side, three newly minted Klans-people were spotted strolling north on Broadway. Making no effort to hide their organizational ties, the white-sheeted threesome stopped in at local shoppes to purchase various sundries and foodstuffs. More than willing to speak with passers-by, one of the crew said that he was particularly fond of Zabar’s pickled herring.  “I know it might seem incongruous to some that we enjoy these foods, but that shit is addicting,” said the tallest one. While unwilling to give their names, they said they had just ordered a fruit platter from Fairway and were en-route to meet with their kleagle at a synagogue just up the block.

Out for a stroll and some appetizing.

Author: plutvak

Finally putting those thoughts down that had people scrunching their faces or quietly sneaking away but nonetheless made me laugh. So scrunch, sneak, laugh, enjoy.

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