I am penniless.

Brother, can you spare some ethereum?

Bitcoin or Ethereum? Decisions, decisions. I am somewhat of an early adopter – digital photography and music, pyrex, etc. and now digital currency or cryptocurrency. So I took the proverbial plunge and converted all of my money to Bitcoin. With the Bitcoin ATM’s (see photo above) virtually ubiquitous in upscale bodegum, I knew it was time. After all, Bitcoin has been around since 2008, while Ethereum, though I love the name, is a relative newcomer and just seemed a bit too risky. After all, you have to be able to sleep at night. I do love the lingo of the digital currency world –  coinbase, blockchain, tumblers, ransomware, corningware, Satoshi. I chucked my physical wallet and as a side benefit, I’ve noticed that I can sit much more comfortably for even the shortest of intervals. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes – hey, got any coffee money?

IMG_3053I am not a real hacker, I just play one on the internet.