I Swam to Staten Island

Took the ferry back. I’m not crazy!

I channeled my inner Belle Rosen last Friday (the Shelley Winters character in the original Poseidon Adventure who was a NYC swimming champeen)¬†and stroked myself (I know!) from Manhattan to Staten Island in a head-to head battle with the Staten Island Ferry. I had a sizable enough lead to be able to backstroke and take the above photo (“I think I can, I think I can,” chugged the ferry). Once on Staten Island, I had dinner with an old high school friend and former fellow camper at the prestigious Camp Nachas (no, not Nachos) which was affiliated with the even more renowned B’nai Israel of Midwood, our home synagogue. Old men coughing up wet-sounding phlegm¬†during services, Hershey bars as Shabbat bribery and getting spat upon by Rabbi Dachowitz when in range (of blessed memory I would imagine by now) are my most vivid memories to date.

DSCF0610Took this one on the way back. The weather started getting rough….(I know!).