As Measles Goes Viral, NYC Targets Jews

A Public Health “Emergency” was declared on New York City’s Jews on Tuesday as the Mayor declared the neighborhoods of Borough Park and Williamsburg in the Brooklyn, the epicenter of the outbreak. Using zip codes for political cover, DeBlasio was immediately called out for the thinly-veiled reference to these intensely semitic enclaves. A horde of long-coated, side-locked men gathered to protest the mayor’s statement that these people were “very, very troubling and must be dealt with immediately.” Governor  A. Cuomo, DeBlasio’s arch-rival, immediately seized upon the political opportunity lobbed to him and stated that some of his best friends were measles-carrying, unvaccinated Jews.

The gathering of the Jews caused traffic congestion and snarls
NYC’s Health Czar salutes the Mayor upon his entrance.