“Got Yer Nose!”

I invented it.

I was about 11 years old when I first did it. I was at an all-boy’s birthday party. Mirth and mayhem as I recall. I wasn’t planning on it by any means and little did I know what a pandora’s box of childhood agony and nasal deceit I was opening. Looking back, I was like one of those Manhattan Project nuclear physicists who didn’t realize what they were working on until ’twas too late. The photo below has just come to my attention and in an attempt to stay ahead of this explosive story, I must let the truth be known. The photo shows me in a striped shirt and deep corduroys, fashion-forward as always, in the act of performing the first ever “Got Yer Nose!”  I live in shame.

IMG_1420 Undeniable proof

Picking your nose and eating it is good for you

I rest my case.

Not exactly breaking news in the adult community, kids around the world (and some adults) celebrated the results of a recent study published in the journal of the American Society for Microbiology. The study claims that ingesting boogers can be good for teeth, as well as overall health as they are packed with a “rich reservoir of good bacteria.”

A rogue group of youngsters began smelling their butts and belly buttons hoping that this too will be borne out to be a healthy habit as well. One can only hope.

IMG_1383Fingerpicking is good for you too!