With Chainsaws, Nuns Up Game

Despite the fact that corporal punishment remains a mainstay of religious educational behavioral modification, the old “ruler across the knuckles” approach is losing steam. With the wooden ruler industry in free-fall, there has been a simultaneous pique of interest in a more “hands-off” approach to school room discipline, especially with the decline of the previously popular priestly “handsy” approach. Enter the chain-saw. Along with whiteboards, laptops and tablets – chainsaws are becoming ever-present in today’s classrooms in religious circles. With no need for actual contact, the roaring sound of one of them is enough to get the attention of a classroom of malcontents and/or ruffians on the verge of mayhem-making. A nun from New York’s Rockland County anonymously said, “Believe me, I get their attention very quickly.” She added, rather sheepishly, “And it vibrates throughout my whole body.” Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Sister with saw