Baseball Announcers Suck at Guessing Pitches

A recent analysis of the accuracy of Major League Baseball announcer’s presumptions as to what pitch was just thrown has found them to be downright awful. “A real crapshoot,” said the lead investigator, Ford Fowling, a former hurler himself. He noted that some announcers claim certain pitches were thrown that are not even in the pitcher’s repertoire which reeks of not doing their homework. With pitch speeds shown on the scoreboard, fastballs are the easiest to correctly identify, although surmising whether it was of the two-seam or four-seam variety, is no better than a coin-toss. ¬†When confronted with these findings, Michael Kay, the Yankee’s cherubic YES Network TV announcer, retorted, “Stop busting my balls. Do you see that fucking traffic on the Deegan?”

“Looks like he threw the cutter,” bullshitted Michael Kay.