My New Favorite Supermarket Aisle

My recollection of childhood food shopping is that nobody liked it. From the top down it was a hideous task. Dragged along, I had my favorite aisles – cereal, frozen food (ice cream), candy, toys (pathetic ones). With the advent of freshdirect (freshdreck, affectionately Jewishly), I don’t find myself at the supermarket too frequently these days barring the occasional Fairway foray for coffee beans and peppadews. When I found myself at Gristede’s earlier today seeking hot dog buns (don’t judge), I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the aisle title signs. Gripped at aisle 3’s entrance, I knew I had hit a new market high. Search complete – the adult version of my new favorite supermarket aisle. Who needs cereal, ice cream, candy and sad toys when you can revel in the Canned Meat/Fish aisle. Gristede’s – see you tomorrow, Aisle 3.

Aisle 3 – I’ll be back